Abstract Algebra

Abstract algebra is one of courses in International Master Program on Mathematics Education 2011 Batch 3. Unfortunately, the subject hasn’t become any easier, so students meeting abstract algebra still struggle to learn the new concepts, especially since they are probably still learning how to write their own proofs. But, our lecturer always help us who are beginning to learn about abstract algebra. Instead of just expanding the material that is already written down in our textbook, he decided to try to explain about how we think to come to the solution, and teach by example, by writing out solutions to problems. He has tried to choose problems that would be instructive, and gave comments to help the students see what is really going on.

The textbook that we use is Mathematical Thinking and Writing, A Trantition to Abstract Mathematics written by Randall B. Maddox. To get this wonderful book, you can download it through the link below. Hopefully, it will helpful for everyone who learns about Abstract Algebra or any topics relating to this book.

Download link:



2 comments on “Abstract Algebra

  1. Algebra … the terror of the students … or is it calculated ?????

    • Bustang Buhari says:

      Based upon my experience learning and teaching algebra in the classroom, it’s actually one part of mathematics that has a lot of benefits for the students since it can be directly applied in our life. It’s not only teach the students to calculate, but also how to think mathematically or some experts said mathematizing. But, in fact, it’s like a general pattern in the world that some students still struggle to learn algebra. Perhaps it’s caused by the teaching approaches or methods that the teachers used are not contextual for the students. it’s too abstract for them. So, they can’t understand well and get confused how to use it in their life.

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