School Observation




The initiation of PMRI, the Indonesian Version of RME, started in 1994 when professor Sembiring attended the second-ICMI China regional conference in mathematics education in Shanghai. He invited a group of Dutch educators, some from Freudenthal Institute, to come to Indonesia and initiated a program of realistic mathematics education in Indonesia. Presently, as a progressive innovation program to reform mathematics education in Indonesia, PMRI has been implemented and disseminated in hundreds of primary schools in Indonesia for more than a decade.


One of the progress of implementation and dissemination of PMRI is enhancing staff or junior lecturers from LPTKs (teacher educational institution) to continue their study in the level of master program in where Realistic Mathematics education has been developed. Based upon this idea, international master program has beed developed called IMPoME (International Master Program on Mathematics Education) under collaboration among three universities, that is, Freudenthal Institute Utrecht University, Sriwijaya University and Surabaya State University. Being launched on May 1st 2009, the program is running one year in Indonesia and one year in The Netherlands.

According to the IMPoME’s curriculum in Sriwijaya University, there is one compulsory subject called Mathematics Classroom Observation/Product Development. In this subject, IMPoME students have to observe in PMRI pilot schools in order to know how to conduct teaching and learning process in the classroom based upon PMRI or RME approach. Therefore, according to this subject, we as IMPoME students batch three were going to SD Negeri 98 Palembang to introduce our selves to the staff in this school, inform our programs and conduct pre-observation.



We conducted our observation in SD Negeri 98 Palembang, a public primary school located at K.H.A. Azhari street, 14 Ulu, Palembang on the 18th and 19th of August, 2011. It is one of the public primary schools in Palembang that has been applying PMRI in the classroom. When we got there for the first time, we felt nice atmosphere because the principal, the teachers and staff are quite friendly with us.


According to the School Profile Book, there are 15 teachers and 12 classes with 421 students for academic year 2011/2012. As Mrs. Sri Multiyanti, S.Pd. said, the principal of SD Negeri 98 Palembang, they have been applying PMRI for more than 8 years since they are the first PMRI’s pilot project school in Palembang. Nowadays, all grades, from the first grade to the sixth grade, have already implemented PMRI.


Furthermore, all of the teachers have attended PMRI workshop in UNSRI or other places in Indonesia. It means that PMRI is well known for all of the teachers in that school and it is a fortunate moment for us to be involved in the teaching and learning process in the class. However, there are still some problems faced by the teachers when doing teaching and learning process by using PMRI or RME approach as they said. One of them is they do not use textbook based upon PMRI.


Unfortunately, the teaching and learning process did not run when we visited this school for the first time. It is because they were doing Islamic Training for students of fourth grade until sixth grade due to the Ramadan. The teachers led the students to read the holy Qur’an together and the principal gave advice to them about what they have to do during the Ramadhan. The principal also informed us that the teaching and learning activities will run effectively after two weeks off or on the 8th of September, 2011. Therefore, we have to be patient until that day comes.


In the next visiting, the principal of the school give us a chance to be involved in the teaching and learning process by using PMRI or Realistic Mathematics education approach in the classroom. We just have to tell her or the teacher what kind of teaching activities that we are going to do and they will prepare classes in case we need them to implement our learning design based upon RME approach. With this tremendous welcome, we promise to prepare learning design, learning package and also mastering the topics to give positive impact in order to develop the quality of learning in this school through PMRI and in Indonesia in general.



As a PMRI pilot school, SD Negeri 98 Palembang have several instructional tools such square, pyramids, prisms and other solid figures.



In conclusion, we have visited one of PMRI pilot schools, SD Negeri 98 Palembang, and they were very welcome to us. We plan to visit this school again and observe the teaching and learning process in the classroom in the next couple of weeks.


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